How you BREATHE is how you LIVE

Create Space to Breathe and live the life you were born to live

Why should you learn to breathe?

When you learn to breathe properly, you can

  • improve physical wellbeing
  • reduce stress
  • increase focus and concentration
  • quieten your mind
  • relax, and improve sleep
  • increase energy
  • promote mindful, conscious living
  • ….. and much more

Who is Space to Breathe Academy for?

Space to Breathe Academy is for

  • busy working women who feel overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed out
  • women in recovery from addiction who are looking for strategies to manage emotions
  • women with ADHD who are looking for helpful tools to help manage their symptoms
BREATHE the Stress Away and create a happier life

Discover your inner wisdom and strength when you Create Space to Breathe

Your body breathes all the time, and has done since the moment you were born. But did you know that you can learn to breathe better? Learning to breathe well is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your overall wellbeing. 

The Yogic practice of Pranayama, or breath control, is a wonderful tool that brings mind, body, emotions and spirit into balance and can help you to find inner contentment, balance and harmony between mind and body, and connect you deeper to yourself and the world around you.

Reduce Stress

When you develop conscious awareness and control of your breath, you have at your disposal a powerful natural stress reliever. You can use your breath to relax your mind and body, and to maintain state of calm throughout your day.

Stabilise emotions

Emotional turbulence, extreme highs and lows, can be harmful for mental wellbeing, and can be draining and exhausting. Practicing pranayama and improving the breath can bring the emotions into balance and equanimity, and create true wellbeing.

Mindful attention

When you learn to sit with your breath, you become aware of the noise that goes on in your head. You learn to let go of distractions, and be fully present in the moment. This is a vital skills that is increasingly necessary in evermore noisy and distracting world.


In a busy life, where you’re juggling numerous roles, responsibilities and tasks, relaxation can feel like a rare luxury. And yet, it is essential for the effective functioning of the body and mind. Deep breathing is an effective way to relax mind and body and allow complete rest and recharge.

About Me

A lifelong asthmatic with a dust allergy, breathing was often a problem for me. Stress and self sabotage blighted my adult life, I was a smoker from 17, and alcoholic drinker from 20.

A breakdown in 2013 changed everything. I enrolled on a Yoga teacher training course, where I learned, among many things, to breathe properly. This saved me. I have been sober and smoke free since 2014, and have tools at my disposal to cope when life gets hard. Which it often does. In those difficult moments of stress and overwhelm, I can find peace when I create Space to Breathe.

I am passionate about the power of good breathing, and the healing that connecting to your breath can offer. It is the ultimate natural stress reliever, and one that we all have access to.

I love to guide people just like you to better breathing, and to see the amazing transformations and healing that can take place when you learn to breathe. 

My life was transformed when I learned to breathe, and it continues to be blessed whenever I breathe deeply and focus on my breath. 

How could you benefit from creating Space to Breathe in your life?


“Through working with Esther, I was finally able to gain a new perspective on issues affecting my life. Recovery is not always about rapid progress, but having patience with the process, and this was something I had apparently overlooked before making time to talk with Esther. As a result, I now know that peace is possible.”


“I have always heard that one moment can change your life. Now I am living it. Thank you, Esther, for sharing your wisdom and your guidance. I am now a Yogi girl and it is the basis of my recovery. Breathe is what Esther told me and BREATHE is what I am learning to do. I am so grateful to have you as part of my journey. ?


“Esther came into our workplace for a series of classes. I was completely new to Yoga, and whilst my workload doesn’t allow me to be a total daily convert, she inspired me to listen to my body and my breathing and get off the couch more often. Thanks Esther for your endearing qualities.”


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