It’s all about the letting go. That is the only thing that brings new life, new growth, new learning, new being. It is what nature does. Trees shed their leaves to make room for new growth. Flowers wither and die to create space for seeds of new life. In the decay of death, new life always comes.

We are part of nature, letting go to create anew is an innate part of our being.

When you breathe out and let go, that little death of exhalation, emptying the lungs and releasing the old, you create space to breathe, space to inhale, space to live. Focus on the letting go, the exhalation, and the inhalation takes care of itself. You don’t have to force it. Create that space, and life comes to you. Forget about the exhale, forget to let go, and breathing in is so much harder.

Life is a constant cycle of letting go and bringing new in. You have to let go of the old, and the unnecessary, but when it came to you it was necessary and good. There is a gift in every inhalation. Each painful lesson in life is an inhalation.

If you can let go, release expectations of what you wanted things to be like, let go of the hopes and dreams that never came, and release the fears that you will never feel good again, you create space to breathe in a new moment, a new experience, a new gift, a new you.

Every moment is a brand new moment. Every encounter with another human being is a chance to learn. Each experience, good and bad, has a lesson to learn within it. We often don’t see the lessons because we decide how we want things to be, to look, to impact on our lives. So focused are we on the anticipated outcomes, so fixed on how we WANT thing to be, that we fail to spot the real opportunities that could be.

A lost job could be a chance to start a new venture that you’ve always dreamed of. A failed romance might be giving you the space to focus on self love. Lost money can teach you that there is more to life than material gain. All apparent failures in life can show you something. Eventually, if you’re lucky, you might spot the one big lesson life has to teach you, the one you keep being shown but not learning.

We tend to learn most when things go wrong. The lessons are only seen with the benefits of hindsight and time. But by keeping focused on the letting go while you are going through the pain, remembering to breathe and release the moment that is, and embrace the one that is to come, the lessons, and the healing can come quicker.

Breathe consciously, live consciously. Be aware of the gifts in every moment, from the nourishment of the oxygen you breathe in and the pleasures that life offers you, to the release of the exhalation and the lessons that letting go has to offer.

Focus on the breath.

Focus on the releasing and the letting go.

Focus on the learnings and the gifts.

Focus on the Self.

Live, Learn, Breathe, Grow.

Give yourself the gift of 5 Minutes of Space to Breathe

In the space you can create when you sit with your breath, you can truly see yourself and your life. When you breathe consciously, even for just 5 minutes, you focus on that release and letting go.

Give yourself the gift of 5 Minutes to Breathe in this 10 day programme I have created for you.

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thanks must be given here to Lama Surya Das for some of the inspiration for this post. I saw a quote from a book of his last week, and have been reading Letting Go of The Person you Used to Be avidly ever since. I highly recommend it if you want to find a way to process any and all of the losses of any description you have experienced in your life, a wonderful, healing, inspirational book