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Space to Breathe 90 Day Journal

You can download your journal by clicking on the button below. The journal will automatically download to your device.

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to be able to access the full functionality of the journal, and be able to fill it in and save digitally. You can download this Acrobat here


You can join the Space to Breathe Facebook community for support, tips and motivation from me as well as the support of the other members of the group. The group is here, simply request to join, and I will add you in as soon as I can!

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There are links below to my latest blog posts to inspire you while you wait for your journal! I’d love to get your comments and questions on any posts you read!

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Alcohol isn’t the answer

Alcohol isn’t the answer

I read with interest an article in the Independent today. It was reporting on a warning from a World Health Organisation expert on the consumption of alcohol as a 'coping strategy' during the Coronavirus pandemic. I have a 20 year history of using alcohol as a 'coping...

The Stories on my Skin

The Stories on my Skin

Do you have any tattoos?   I know they are not to everyone's taste, and if you don't like tattoos, you probably won't like mine.   I adore mine. They all mean so much to me, represent so much about me and the life I have lived. They are wonderful reminders of the...

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