Sleep Well Mamma!

Are you fed up of being tired and wired?

Too tired to feel good, too wired to sleep?

Learn how to relax body and mind, sleep well and wake refreshed each morning

Yes, Esther, I want to relax and sleep well!

Insomnia was my ‘normal’, until I learned it didn’t have to be’


Dear tired out mamma

How are you feeling today?

Did you sleep well last night? Did you wake feeling refreshed and energised, ready for the demands of your day?

I hope do. You deserve to. You’re doing such a great job juggling all the things. You need and deserve a good rest.

Are you rolling your eyes, thinking ‘yeah, I wish’ right now?

Does the idea of a good sleep, and waking up feeling ready for your day seem like a luxury others can have, but not you?

You’re not alone! I, and many other Mammas, know exactly how that feels!

You have so much to do,  to worry about. There is endless stimulation and reasons to stay awake. 

You’re tired but wired when you go to bed. 

It takes ages to fall asleep, and when sleep does come, you never feel you’ve had enough, you don’t feel rested.

This takes a toll on your day. You are sluggish and grumpy until your second coffee. The kids pick up on your irritability, and your morning feels like one long, relentless battleground. 

The school run feels like hell on earth.

You struggle to focus at work, and make mistakes you know you needn’t have made.

Evenings pass in a blur of exhausted activity. You’re not you’re fully there with the kids, you’re so tired that you’re barely there at all.

By the time you get the children to bed, you’re ready to collapse, but there’s so much still to do. And you want time for yourself.


So you stay up, and go to bed tired and wired again.

Rinse and repeat……

It’s an endless cycle.

There are many things that can be affecting the quantity and quality of your sleep. And there are many things you can do to help yourself.

Relaxing your mind and body properly is a must..

Sitting on the sofa watching TV isn’t as relaxing as you might think.

A glass of wine might make you *feel* more relaxed, but it disturbs your sleep.

Relaxation means releasing stress in your mind and body.

It comes when you learn to manage your energy and emotions, so that your body and mind are ready for sleep at the right time.

Simple lifestyle changes, and greater self care, can transform your sleep, which in turn can transform your life!

My Story

My insomnia started in childhood with bogeyman fears that kept me awake and terrified every night for years. As I grew up and needed to take care of my own children, I lost the fears, but the poor sleep and night time anxiety remained. I learned to self medicate. Alcohol and marijuana to ‘help me sleep’, and coffee to keep me going through the day.

A vicious cycle that became my ‘normal’. 

All this impacted on the people most important to me, my children. I was emotionally erratic, tired, wired and never entirely present. I wanted to do the best for them. But my poor self care meant that I had no ‘well’ to draw from.

It took an epic breakdown for me to reassess my life. I learned that much I thought ‘normal’ about my life really wasn’t. Training to teach Yoga helped me learn to relax and care for my body and mind. I learned to treat myself with care and compassion.

And I learned to breathe properly! 

This changed everything! 

Learning to breathe gave me a powerful tool to help me relax my mind and body, and reduce the stress that was my constant companion.

I ditched the booze and marijuana, developed a healthier relationship with coffee, and was able to sleep well at last!

I love to share these powerful tools and practices that transformed my life so much. I know how much lack of sleep can debilitate your wellbeing, and how this can ripple out into the rest of your life. 

Sleep Well Mamma

I have created the Sleep Well Mamma course so you can use these tools to create better sleep for yourself. 

The Sleep Well Mamma course is a 6 week online course that will begin on April 20 2020

The course will teach you simple but profound practices that will enable you to relax your mind and body.


What we will cover

Breathing techniques for better sleep

Underpinning the whole course is learning to breathe better. When you learn to breathe better, to take control of your breath, and use it consciously, you can take control of your physical and emotional state. This is a powerful tool in the battle against insomnia and poor sleep.

Throughout the course, we will practice different breathing techniques to help you develop awareness of your breath, increase your lung capacity and control, and use your breath to help you relax and manage your emotions.

You will also learn some practices that can energise you on those days when you don’t sleep so well!

These practices will have a profound impact on the rest of your life. Learning to breathe better improves every aspect of your wellbeing, you will be amazed at the transformation from this alone!

Self Care

Single mothers, and most mothers in fact, will put others’ needs before their own, thinking that they must only do things for themselves when others are taken care of.

The simple truth is that the opposite is true. We cannot give of ourselves when we are running on empty. If you want to give your best to your the people and things that are important to you, you simply must make self care a priority in your life.

When you’re ill, exhausted and pushed to the point of burn out, how can you be the mother/wife/friend/colleague that you need to be?

If you are in survival mode, you cannot give from a place of love and compassion. True love and compassion begins with the love and compassion you give to yourself.

Only when you are well, happy and healthy can you show up in the world as the loving, compassionate, warm being you truly are.

In this module, we will examine the impact that a lack of self care is having in your life, and why you and your loved ones deserve and need better.

Relaxation and sleep

In order to get a good night’s sleep, it is important that you relax your body and mind. It is impossible to get deep, refreshing sleep if you are tense, mentally or physically.

In this module, we will look at relaxation, what it is, and what it isn’t. I will be busting some myths about relaxation, and encouraging you to look at relaxation in a new light.

We will look at the Yoga view of relaxation, going deeper into relaxing the mind and body than you might expect.

During this week, you will have some downloadable relaxation mp3s you can listen to anytime you need a deep relaxation, and we will have a live group class one evening where I will guide you through a gentle practice to help you relax your body and mind deeply (this will be recorded and available at your leisure if you can’t attend live)

Clearing the mind to get better sleep

Do you often find that you get into bed, and then are kept awake by a running commentary in your mind of regrets, worries and to-do lists? Or maybe the inner chat is about something you are excited about? While that is more fun, it still stops you relaxing enough to get to sleep.

In this module we will look at some ways we can let go of worries at bedtime, so that we aren’t kept awake by an inner monologue of worry, to-do lists and fretting. There are many ways we can ‘declutter’ the mind each evening, and we will explore a range of these throughout the week.

Let’s get physical - the importance of exercise!

Physical exercise will help you reduce stress and tire your body, encouraging better sleep.

It can be hard to fit in exercise when you are so busy, but in the long run it will help. Releasing stress, keeping your body healthy and improving sleep will all help you to manage your hectic workload much better.

In this module we will explore ways you can incorporate exercise into your life, whether that is fitting it into your work day, exercising with the kids, or buddying up with another Mum friend to blend exercise with social life and looking after the kids!

I will be sharing some simple, short yoga based exercise videos you can use at a variety of times throughout the day, including desk movement, morning and evening routines, and a short ‘loosen up at lunchtime; routine you can do in your lunch break. 

Creating routines to support sleep

Good sleep requires consistent morning and evening wake and sleep times. The best way to implement this is to establish morning and evening routines that support your energy and relaxation. 

In this module you will look at how you can create your day to ensure that you take care of your needs and responsibilities, and get the best sleep you can!

We will look at how you can ensure that you create these healthy habits as you move forward in life, and look at which of the new tools you have learned will work best for you.

Course Resources include

  • Pre-recorded videos and audios, and articles to read covering the ideas and practices that will help you create self care routines to support your sleep and wellbeing
  • A private Facebook group will provide a safe space to share your learning, ask questions, and get any support you need
  • A fillable pdf workbook and journal will support your learning and self study, and to record your changing habits and sleep.
  • A weekly group meeting where we will deep dive into the topic for the week, and you will be able to ask me and your coursemates any questions you might have.

The videos and workbooks will all be in the Facebook group before you start, so once you’re in the group, you can start your journey immediately!

The resources will also be stored in a Trello board so if you don’t use Facebook, you won’t miss out.

The weekly meetings will be run using Zoom, and the recordings will be available in the Facebook group and Trello board.

This is a beta version of the course, so I am offering it for the crazily low price of just £97. That’s about the price of a daily regular Americano from a well known coffee brand. And this course will help you sleep better, the opposite effect of the coffee! 

The course won’t be this price again, so if you want to take advantage of this bargain price, don’t delay. 

The group will be kept small so that I can give you the attention you need. Don’t miss your chance to learn how to Sleep Well, Mamma!

Don’t just take my word for it! This might be a new course, but others who have worked wtih me have seen the benefits of what I teach!

Esther has a wealth of knowledge and a tools that she shares with integrity and passion. When I’m not sleeping properly I can’t enjoy life as much as I should, everything feels so much harder, especially being a mum. With Esther’s help I am able to switch off more and give myself the time I need to properly rest. The time I now know I deserve. What excites me most about this course is the accountability and support from Esther herself and a community of mamas all just wanting to bloody sleep! That’s the game changer ?

Lisa Barry

Business owner and homeschooling Mum, Lisa Barry Online

Remember, a good night’s sleep is your best defence against a stressful day, allowing you to be your best for yourself and those you love.

Don’t you and your loved ones deserve the best of you?

Join the course today and learn to Sleep Well Mamma

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cant do everything in the course?

You don’t have to! Not everything in the course will resonate with everyone. And that’s ok. If you’re really strapped for time, or find you really can’t get on with one suggested practice, just pick one practice and really work with that. We can chat about your situation and I can help you work out one practice that will benefit you most, and you will still gain loads, and still get the benefits of the support of the group!

Do I need to complete the course within the 6 weeks?

No, you will have access to the course materials for 3 months in total, and I will be there to support you, The benefits come when you practice what you learn and make it part of your day, so I want to help you implement your learning

How much time will i need to spend each week on the course?

The work itself shouldn’t take you more than an hour to work through at the most basic level. But as with everything, the more you can give to this, the more you can get from it. The aim of the course is to help you create new daily habits that will support you to sleep better, improving your overall wellbeing. The more you can make time for this, even if it is in small pockets throughout the day, the more you will gain. This will br the focus of our first week’s group call, helping you create space in your life for you.

I'm too busy for this, I've got kids to look after!

Your children will benefit from their mum having more energy, feeling more centred, and making sure she is well. But if you’re really worried about taking time from them, there is lots you can do with them. They will benefit from learning to relax and soothe their own emotions too, if you share the course lessons with then, they’ll benefit now and in the future. It really is a fantastic investment in them too!

Remember, a good night’s sleep is your best defence against a stressful day, allowing you to be your best for yourself and those you love.

Don’t you and your loved ones deserve the best of you?

Join the course today and learn to Sleep Well Mamma