Do your days pass you by in a stressed out blur?

Do you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and tense?

Do you feel like you need some

Space to Breathe?

Take the first steps on your journey to health and wellbeing with this 6 week online breath course for beginners.

With guidance from a teacher whose life was transformed when she learned to breathe, and a wealth of resources to help your journey, this course will give you powerful tools to help you manage your energy, emotions and attention, so that you are able to live life in the present moment.

This first run of the course will be just £97 for 6 weeks of tuition, a learning community, and access to all resources.

You don’t want to miss this, your future self will thank you for taking this leap!


When you learn to breathe deeply and efficiently, you nourish your body and mind, fully oxygenating and feeding your cells, giving  you more energy and increasing stamina


When you learn to connect to your breath, you can use the breath to quieten and calm the mind. The calmer the mind, the more you are able to be present and focused


A stressed body leads to a stressed mind, and vice versa. Through your breath you can soothe the frazzled nervous system and create relaxation and calm in mind and body

Helping You Take Charge of Your Wellbeing

Unlock Your Inner Peace. Learn Better Breathing Today

Yes, you do already ‘know’ how to breathe, but do you really?

Are you able to use your breath effectively to calm your emotions, or steady an overwhelmed mind?

When you learn these powerful breathing techniques you will on the path to increased resilience, wellbeing and self-mastery. Not to mention improved sleep, moods and relaxation!

At just £97 for the full programme, it represents fantastic value for money. Don’t delay, book your place today!

Relax your body and mind

Improve sleep and energy levels

Still and quieten the mind

Release tension in the mind and body


Space to Breathe

today and work with an experienced Yoga teacher to learn the basics of good breathing, so that you can develop better resilience to stress, get better sleep and relaxation, and calm and quieten your mind..and much more!

This powerful, healing 6 week training course costs just £97, an absolute bargain for the amount of support and guidance you are going to receive!

You will begin your journey as soon as you secure your place, as I will welcome you into the Facebook group, and we can start to get to know one another.

The Breathing Space begins on Monday April 15, and lasts 6 weeks.

Training is delivered live, with online video classes that will be recorded so you can refer to them at your leisure, and you will

  • learn powerful relaxation techniques
  • develop effective stress management strategies
  • learn how to focus and calm your mind
  • energise your body and mind


You will learn powerful strategies to help you relax mind and body, allowing you to sleep better, have more energy and remain calm when life sends challenges your way. A well-relaxed mind makes better decisions and enjoys life to the full, and you will learn how to give yourself this gift.

Stress Management

The practices you will learn will equip you with a powerful set of tools that you can use to keep your mind and body calm and relaxed on a daily basis. You will also develop strategies to deal with the difficult moments that come your way, when life sends you challenges and threatens to overwhelm you.

Focus and calm

Part of what makes life so difficult is the mental noise from all the distractions and worries the world offers us. In The Breathing Space, you will learn strategies to quieten your mind and create pockets of peace and space, allowing you to choose what to focus your attention on, and reduce the overwhelm.

Energise mind and body

When you learn to breathe well, you will improve rest and relaxation. This, plus the extra oxygen you will be giving your cells, will give you a new lease of life, increase your stamina and give your energy levels a much needed boost. You will feel energised and alert, and ready for anything the world offers!

What is involved in this training?

In the 6 weeks of this training course, you will be guided through a series of lessons teaching you the basics of how to breathe well. We will work with a practice known as Vibhagha Pranayama, which will gently open the lungs, increasing your lung capacity, increasing your awareness and control of the lungs, and improving your breathing technique.

The sessions will be 45 minutes each, and will also include some gentle movement to release tension in the body, to enable you to sit for the breathing practices, and relax more completely.

The course materials include

  • weekly live training, delivered at a time agreed by consensus, recorded and made available for you to access in your own time
  • a beautifully designed journal you can complete digitally or print, to record your thoughts, experiences and insights along the journey
  • relaxation MP3s you can download and listen to in your own time
  • a weekly article to help you in your understanding of what you are learning
  • a private Facebook group where there will be daily support and encouragement from me, and a place to share with your course-mates, so we can all learn from one another
Week One

In the first week we will begin with the basics of breath control, starting with a simple breathing technique, and working on relaxing the body with gentle movements. We will also learn to sit well for breathing practice, and I will help you find a sitting posture that works for you.

Week Two

In Week Two we will be looking at the lower part of the lungs, and working with a series of breathing exercises that will expand and increase capacity in the abdominal area of the lungs. You will learn of the many benefits that this style of breathing can give you, and will develop your ability to sit, and to relax body and mind.

Week Three

In Week Three we will be working with the ‘mid chest’ area, learning how to breathe better into this area, as well as continuing to develop the practice from the previous week. There are many health benefits to this particular style of breathing, and I will share these with you as we practice together.

Week Four
Week Five

In this penultimate week we will bring the work of the previous weeks together to work with the whole lung, breathing fully into the lower, middle and upper parts of the lungs. This is the optimum way to breathe, and when you master this, you will have a powerful tool at your disposal that will help you maintain wellbeing and relaxation, and manage and reduce stress when it arises. 

Week Six

In this final week we will explore a beautiful pranayama practice that brings together and develops the work done over the last few weeks. The Pranava Aum is a practice that will help you truly connect to the moment, relaxing mind and body, and bringing you into deep connection with your spiritual dimension. You will love the way your mind and body feels after this practice.

About Me

Hello dear friend

I am Esther, your guide on this journey to wellbeing and resilience through the breath. 

My life was transformed when I learned to breathe! A lifelong asthmatic, I started smoking at 17, and discovered marijuana at 19. Self destructive behaviour was my norm, and for 20 years I managed stress through cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and rage. 

My salvation came in the form of a breakdown at 40, and yoga teacher training when I was 41. Through learning to breathe I was able to process my emotions, relax my body and mind, manage and reduce stress, heal my pain and learn to be with myself for the first time in my life. I gave up drinking and smoking (yes, both on the same day!) on October 12 2014, and I have been joyfully sober and smoke free since. I still have asthma, and I still get stressed, but now I have powerful tools to deal with both. My reliance on asthma medication has reduced as my resilience and breath control has increased.

I love teaching people to breathe, to see the incredible transformation that happens when you learn to respect and work with your body, and appreciate every breath you take. I am so excited to guide you on this journey to resilience and relaxation.


I have gained a new perspective

Through working with Esther, I was finally able to gain a new perspective on issues affecting my life. Recovery is not always about rapid progress, but having patience with the process, and this was something I had apparently overlooked before making time to talk with Esther. As a result, I now know that peace is possible.


Wisdom and Guidance

I have always heard that one moment can change your life. Now I am living it. Thank you, Esther, for sharing your wisdom and your guidance. I am now a Yogi girl and it is the basis of my recovery. Breathe is what Esther told me and BREATHE is what I am learning to do. I am so grateful to have you as part of my journey. ?


Are you ready for change and a life of balance?

Esther is the business! She has overcome huge obstacles and challenges in her own life and now shares her skills to help others. If you truly want to transform your life through the art of yoga, then look no further. Esther helps you to stay in the moment and to simply be! She receives my utmost respect for her achievements and I’m sure she will earn yours too. So if you’re ready for change and to bring balance into your life, Esther is your lady. I can highly recommend her.


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Taking Control of Your Health and Happiness Today!

Do you have any questions? Drop me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible