Life is a wonderful tapestry isn’t it? Every experience we have, every decision we make, every person we meet adds a thread to our tapestry. All contribute to making it the beautiful, unique fabric that our lives become.

Sometimes these experiences, decisions and people don’t feel so good. They might feel like they are tearing your beautiful life tapestry to shreds, rather than adding to it. When you’re in the midst of a challenging time, it can be very hard to see how it can possibly enhance your life. It might feel like your world is ending, and that the pain will never end.

Road block or turning point?

I’ve been there. Many times. We all have. It is part of our journey through life isn’t it? I am sure you have had moments when you felt that you can never be happy again, only to find that you can eventually.

How many times have you looked back at what was an agonising situation at the time, only to discover that you gained strength you didn’t have before, learned valuable lessons, and were given gifts that wouldn’t have come your way if not for the pain? That far from being a road block, what you actually experienced was a Turning Point.

It is through our painful moments that we really grow, and discover how we are. I have often pondered if I would go back and not make any of the (numerous) mistakes I have in life, and the truth is no. Every single one of those mistakes might have brought me a lot of pain, and created long lasting ripples. but they all brought gifts as well. Painfully won gifts, yes, but I have grown with each of them.

Walking through a turning point

One of my most powerful moments of this is the love of walking I discovered as a direct consequence of the untimely death of my brother. I started walking with my mother as a way to do something positive together in our shared grief. This led me to unexpectedly discover a passion for walking and being in nature that I had not found before. I almost certainly wouldn’t have started walking in the hills had he not died. It is a gift I am still grateful for almost 14 years after his death. That is not to say that I am glad he died, I still miss him terribly and really wish he was still with us, but I do know that walking was a light that shone in the darkness of his death.

Celebrating the Turning Points

The Turning Point Project ENOne of the many wonderful people who have enriched my life’s tapestry is my friend Helen Rebello. Helen and I have only met in person once, but we have been friends and chatted through the internet for a couple of years, and have a beautiful connection. I find her truly inspirational, and love the energy with which she moves through life.

In February, Helen asked me if I would like to take part in her ‘pop up podcast’ project, ‘The Turning Point Project. It didn’t take long for me to very enthusiastically agree. Helen’s vision for the project made my heart sing. Helen has written a book that celebrates the ‘Turning Points’ in her own life. She now wanted to create something that celebrated the turning points in other people’s lives.

In this incredible 4 week pop up podcast, you can hear 20 wonderful, generous humans share the stories of some of their darkest moments, and the light that they discovered at the end. I am proud and honoured to be included in this project. My episode, sharing many of the turning points I have experienced during my 46 years, is the first one to be released. You can access this and all the other episodes by visiting Helen’s website.

Access The Turning Point Podcast here

Talking Turning Points

I was delighted to interview Helen on my Facebook page last week to celebrate the launch of the podcast. Here is our conversation. We would love if you join in by sharing your thoughts in the comments.

Unfold your magic

Helen’s book, The Magical Unfolding, has been one of the powerful self discovery and healing tools I have turned to during a recent difficult time, and will be featured in a blog post in the near future once I have finished reading it, and exploring myself. If you would like to learn more about Helen and her many turning Points, you can do so here

What are the turning points in your life? How have you grown through life’s challenges?