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Creating the ideal morning routine for your life

How do you begin your day? Does it start with an unwelcome alarm, a sense of rush, of not enough time, of frustration that the kids are taking too long to get ready, and the daily hunt for your keys? Mine used to. To make matters worse, they were usually accompanied...

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Self care ideas for busy single mammas

Self care is essential to everyone. We all need to take care of ourselves. My health and wellbeing is my personal responsibility, yours is yours. The more we can take care of our own wellbeing, the better we are able to function in our lives. We have this strange idea...

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Soothed by the Breath of the Sea

This is an old post I first posted on Balance and Breathe, but I wanted to share it here, because it explains why I find being by the sea so nourishing. Hormonal holiday from hell In the summer of 1996, I was half way through a much longed for (by me at least)...

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Create Space to Breathe at home

I seem to have been possessed. The usually chaotic, messy, 'lazy' housekeeper that I have always been seems to have taken a holiday, replaced by a welsh version of Marie Kondo. After a spontaneous decluttering of my book case before Christmas, I now seem hell bent on...

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Breathe out the Old, Breathe in the New

Welcome to 2020! We made it through 2019, and are here in the new year. Did you stay up last night to see the stroke of midnight? I didn't. I was in bed before 11. It would have been earlier, but we got invited to a friend's for dinner so were there till 10.   I woke...

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What are you letting go of this New Year?

It is the last day of 2019, and I have spent the day decluttering like a woman possessed. Or a woman about to move house. I am neither, but I have been seized by the urge to get rid of clutter. The rubbish and recycling bins piled up outside my back door...

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Remembering to Breathe when Life is Busy

It's that funny time of year when you might not be entirely sure what day it is, the 'Twixmas' period between Christmas and New Year. It's an odd time of year for many. Everywhere still looks Christmassy, you're still in a festive mood, and looking forward to a New...

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Simplify your life with your breath

How many things are you thinking about right now? As you're reading this, I imagine you've got a few things going on in your mind haven't you. I have as I am writing it. Not at the front of my mind, perhaps, but my mind is processing the movement of my dog behind me,...

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