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Alcohol isn’t the answer

I read with interest an article in the Independent today. It was reporting on a warning from a World Health Organisation expert on the consumption of alcohol as a 'coping strategy' during the Coronavirus pandemic. I have a 20 year history of using alcohol as a 'coping...

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The Stories on my Skin

Do you have any tattoos?   I know they are not to everyone's taste, and if you don't like tattoos, you probably won't like mine.   I adore mine. They all mean so much to me, represent so much about me and the life I have lived. They are wonderful reminders of the...

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Release the fear and do this instead

The world is holding its breath. Waiting, wondering, fearing. Uncertainty about the future has never felt so intense. Unable to know what to believe, what to trust, who to trust. An endless stream of updates, fake news, misinformation feeding the fear and the panic,...

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Creating the ideal morning routine for your life

How do you begin your day? Does it start with an unwelcome alarm, a sense of rush, of not enough time, of frustration that the kids are taking too long to get ready, and the daily hunt for your keys? Mine used to. To make matters worse, they were usually accompanied...

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Self care ideas for busy single mammas

Self care is essential to everyone. We all need to take care of ourselves. My health and wellbeing is my personal responsibility, yours is yours. The more we can take care of our own wellbeing, the better we are able to function in our lives. We have this strange idea...

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