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Can eating dairy be preventing good breathing?

Do you struggle to breathe through your nose? Is your nose bunged up with mucous due to allergies? It's horrible isn't it, that feeling of not being able to take a good breath. Breathing through the mouth does the job, but it leaves your mouth feeling very dry, and is...

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My Quest to find Space to Breathe

I don’t remember the first time I had an asthma attack. As is often the way with childhood memories, I remember attacks throughout childhood, but not the first one. I was pretty young when I was diagnosed, and seem to have had to think about asthma for as long as I...

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A health insurance we can all afford?

This week, my social media feeds, and the UK press have been full of discussion about the future of our NHS.   Donald Trump's insistence that the NHS is part of any possible post-Brexit trade discussions with America has sent fear into the hearts of many.   We know...

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Are you sure you are breathing?

I think I can reasonably well assume that you are breathing right now. But when was the last time you checked? Ok, that may be a redundant question. We don’t need to check that we are breathing. It is pretty obvious that we will know if we have problems with our...

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How learning to breathe made me a better mum.

I love my sons, I really do. But I didn't expect, or plan to get pregnant at 36, and become a Mum again at 37. I certainly didn't anticipate being a single Mum again by 39. Although, I will admit, achieving that status was a blessed relief after the relationship I had...

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