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One to one Breath Teaching

When you learn to breathe well, your whole being feels better. Over the course of 2 one hour sessions you will learn some basic Pranayama (breathing) practices that you can integrate into your daily life, as well as some simple movements to release tension in your body and help you relax.

2 one to one Pranayama sessions – £97

6 weeks one to one breath course

In this 6 week long training, you will be taught specific practices to increase your lung capacity and strength, as well as improving your control of your breath. You will have recorded practices to work from between sessions, and a journal to record your experiences.

One to one tuition – £247 for 6 weeks

Space to Breathe group programme

If you would prefer to learn to breathe in a group setting, you can join the Space to Breathe online group programme. Tuition will be delivered via video calls, and recorded so you have access to the classes

6 week group training – £147 97

Do You Have Questions?

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